October 6, 2010

Destination Unkown

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! The only day a week that I talk wedding on the blog! 

I am flying today so I thought it was a perfect time to discuss my crazy Life On The Road throughout our entire relationship.

Solo Drive from LA to Oklahoma

When Stud Muffin and I met, I already had plans to go Los Angeles for about 6 weeks. So, we managed to get 3 dates in before I left. We spoke on the phone almost daily while I was gone, but I was unsure how things would be when I got home. But... he waited for me! Yay!

Since then I have been away for weekend only gigs, full tours, 3 month sit down shows and random teaching jobs all over the US & Canada. (I realized on September 15th of this year that it was the first time since about 2006 that I had been in NYC for more than 4 weeks at a time.) I have missed many weddings, cocktail parties and birthdays. Stud Muffin's friends all think I am a ghost. 

I like living on the road. I like airports. I LOVE sleeping on the bus. And if I could, I would ALWAYS travel by train. Stud Muffin knows these things about me and accepts it. (Note: I did not say he likes it.) The fact that he knows how much I enjoy and endures NOT liking me being away is what makes it work. 

This post is full of ramblings.... RAMBLINGS! I need to sleep and get on my plane!

Sunrise in Cali.

New Mexico.

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