November 30, 2010

Sooner Magic Anyone?

Welcome to Football Fandom!
Where I share my love of college football and the OKLAHOMA SOONERS!

Well friends... we did it! We went on the road and beat those pokes!
I am not going to lie... I was absurdly nervous about it. We have not been playing all that well on the road and the pokes have that kid from Ardmore catching balls for them like a mad man!

But why was I nervous... I mean... what is 1 little win for them in the grand scheme of things. The all-time record OU 82 - OSU 16 - Tied 7. I mean, really... we could throw 'em a bone once in a while right?
WRONG! We can't. Because it was not really the W or L that was giving me sleepless nights it was the torture of listening to the "little brother" all year long!

But no worries... We won! (on paper we shouldn't have!) But WE WON!!!
Stay tuned for Fridays post on the upcoming Big 12 Championship Game!


(p.s. I sat in my closet during the last 5 minutes of the game I was so nervous and made Stud Muffin give me updates!) 

November 24, 2010


So sorry I cannot write today....

Wedding Wednesdays will be back next week. After I have finished all my homework!

November 19, 2010

Who will play tomorrow?

Welcome to Football Fandom!

The Sooners play the Baylor Bears this weekend. I have too much going on to worry about the real possibility that we may lose this game. 

So... I just hope they decide to bring their A game. Why they look like cheerleaders in pads when they play away I will never understand. 

On a semi-related topic... I am in Oklahoma for the weekend. (more on that over the weekend) Someone said to my Father yesterday at lunch that they were surprised we looked so happy the way the Sooners were playing this year. Um, we have only lost 2 games. 2! Not 5 like last year! And even if we, gasp, lose the next 2 we will be better than last year. Just sayin!

November 17, 2010

Wedding Skin!

My weekly gush about all things wedding!!
St. Maartin June 2008
Today, skin!! I have crazy oily skin. I am 30 years old and still get pimples once a month! 
So while this post is basically a plea (I am still on the road and super busy) I want to know what your favorite skin regimens happen to be! 

At the moment I use Murad products but I am thinking I need something that really keeps my skin clear for GOOD!!!

Do tell!

November 16, 2010

Oklahoma Football Facility Tour

Welcome to Football Fandom! 
I am traveling today and don't have time to write about my favorite team...
But I will leave you with this!

November 15, 2010

Zumba Anyone?

Saturday I shot a commercial for a women's gym. 
It was a blast! (and exhausting!)
Group photo after 10 hours of cardio! I look smashing!

There were 25 girls in cast for the commercial and we were split into 2 groups so that we weren't over worked. BUT... there were only 4 blondes so we danced in most of the groups. My first thought was "Yippee more camera time!" My second thought, which came after turbo kick round 4, was "HELP!" 

We filmed on a green screen so that they could put whatever background they wished behind us.

I know that floor may look all fun because it is green but it was concrete. Yup. Jumping Jacks all day on the concrete. My calves are not very happy with me. I didn't really notice it while we were filming though so no worries. 

Other fun facts about this shoot. 
1-My make-up looked like a cracked out hooker. Sorry I have no pic!
2-I learned that I can turbo kick like a champ.
3- For the Zumba portion of the shoot, I was dressed in cargo pants, crop top and a do-rag. Complete with hoop earrings. Ghetto-fabulous! I was loving it!! Again, no pic... I was too busy.
4- The dressing rooms and such in this place were insane! My dressing room was meant to look like a medieval times kind of place. The dressing room across from mine was a tiki hut! The lunch room was a rain forest and there was a board room that looked like a castle. 
Apparently this sound stage was originally used to film adult type films. So... they needed some special scenery.  Ha!

All in all the day was a lot of fun. I got a nice paycheck (finally!) and I made some great new friends!

November 12, 2010


Well, I cannot seem to bring myself to talk about how poorly we played & coached last week.
Plus, I am crazy busy! So I leave you with this...

Thank goodness we play at HOME this week!


I would also like to mention how sad I am that I am not attending Saturday's game with my Daddy! First time since high school that I won't attend a single game! Boo! 

November 11, 2010

By popular request...

Seems that my readers would like to hear more about life in NYC, auditions and all that jazz.
So, we introduce The Subway Series! 
Ahh... my daily subway stop. 
I figure, I am full of stories that seem odd to all but those that inhabit the streets of Manhattan. 
Here goes with story number one!

The other day I had an audition down by Chelsea Market (Chelsea Market will deserve a post all its own) and because I had to walk all the way to 9th ave (too far) I saw several things that caught my eye. 

First we had this on the train.
See what amazed me by this particular saggy butt was the tight jeans. (& belt) I mean, they are fitted jeans. Perhaps he was taking a walk of shame and had to borrow the chicks pants? And look how tight his shirt is. Either you want to be a hipster or you want to be a gangster but I am pretty sure the 2 don't mix. 

Then I was walking back to the subway from my audition and noticed this.
Look very closely. Who decided to leave the car? When do you think it became someone's newspaper storage unit? And why, why of why, is there no parking ticket? I got a ticket when I rented a car for 2 freakin' hours in the city! How is it that the Upper East Side tickets every car on the road but somehow on 15th and 9th you can leave your car and use it as a trash can and it doesn't even get towed?!!  Seriously?!

Stayed tuned kids because I LOVE talking about NYC! 

November 10, 2010

Photography & Video Decisions!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! 
My one day a week to gush about all things wedding! (and sometimes share the stress!)

First things first. I am not having a video of my wedding. Nope.
I know, I know. All these brides tell me that I am going to miss out of so many things by not having it but I just cannot fathom spending that much money on a video that I will watch once a year if lucky. Besides, the way everyone has video and photo on their phones these days I am sure to see some unedited footage of my own wedding at some point. 

With that being said. Photography means A LOT to me. A LOT! I have searched and searched and cannot find something that I love in the price range I can spend. My absolute favorites were these guys!  But I haven't heard back from them since September and it was going to really stretch my budget any how. My next favorite was this Oklahoma based photog but they were already booked for my date. I have now begun searching and searching online for someone local to the South Florida area but I cannot find anyone with super artistic photos. I don't want the average ol' pics. I want something very artistic. Something you can hang on your wall that looks like art. Not just a picture of you and your hubby on your wedding day. If I wanted those pics I could get my friends so take the pictures for a whole lot less! 

HELP!! If anyone knows of some crazy good (and affordable) photographers send them my way! 
Also, give me your thoughts on parents albums? Trash the dress? All those things! I am way overwhelmed in the photography area!

November 7, 2010

Run, John, Run!

Today we went to the NYC Marathon! 

I do not like running, so as you can imagine I find this practice of running 26.2 miles ridiculous! And, until I moved to the East Side I never really paid attention to the marathon. (Really, I was in a bubble while living downtown!) I have noticed that marathon Sunday brings more people to my neighborhood but I was unaware this was such an event! 
TONS OF PEOPLE stand in the cold for a brief second to cheer on their friend! And some people just go and cheer for FUN! Uh?! 
I will say, it was fun and I am glad I went to see what it was all about.

Our friends from North Carolina came to run! Well, he did. She is 7 months pregnant! 
We were able to track his progress on our phones so we wouldn't miss him! How cool is that?!

There was a pretty large, and loud, group of us screaming him on as he passed!

We were so loud that they interviewed his wife! 
ABC 7 and Kimberly Williams!

There were all sorts of characters in the race but these guys were pretty neat! 
They were dribbling basketballs the entire way! Now that is athletic! 

It was a fun day! Now we are off to New Jersey to celebrate with the runners! 

November 5, 2010

A Flaw in the System!

Welcome to Football Fandom!
 My twice weekly rant about college footbal and most importantly... The Sooners!

So I have been a bit negligent about my football rantings lately. I apologize. But I am BACK!
It is now time to talk about the Non-Automatic Qualifier teams that are currently saturating the Top 5! Yes, that's right! #3 TCU, #4 Boise State and #5 Utah. All 3 of these teams are UNBEATEN. 

It is very possible that one of these three teams will be in the top 2 of the final BCS Standings and play for the National Title. Here is what I have to say about that. 

If TCU beats Utah this weekend, then yes, I believe they deserve to play over a 1-loss SEC Team.

I am torn with Utah as their schedule was not as difficult but if they beat TCU perhaps. 

I do NOT, DO NOT, believe that Boise State deserves to play over a 1-loss SEC Team. 

And I absolutely will die if we have to watch two of these teams play each other! Why? Because we will never learn anything by it. If TCU play Boise State, like they did in a BCS bowl last year, it doesn't answer any questions. They need to play teams from Automatic Qualifier Conferences so we can put all this hoopla behind us. 

I almost want TCU to play for the Title so that we can stop having this discussion. If they win, then awesome people will put more value on those teams. If they lose, people will stop talking about it as well. 

And yes, I have heard the argument the Boise State played Oklahoma in a BCS Bowl and they won. Hello, national media and people of Idaho!!! NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE PLAY FOR BOISE STATE ANYMORE!!! 

November 4, 2010

Flash Mob Mayhem

So, yesterday I did a job I normally would not do and was in a Flash Mob. 
It was for the launch of Xbox Kinect and Dance Central. 

Let's start with all the reasons I never do jobs like this.
1- They hired about 350-400 dancers. (The news said 600 but that is not true, no way.) 
2-Learning choreography with that many people is like learning at dance convention all over again. 
3- When you hire that many "dancers" there are bound to be some people that make me crazy. Mostly because they are those types of people that have no sense of their own personal dance space vs. your personal dance space. 
4- It is not a great paycheck for the number of hours involved. 
5- Would anyone ever know I was out there dancing my butt off?

Now the reasons I did the job!
1- I need a paycheck! Small one or not!
2- My resume' will now say that I danced with Ne-Yo and Lady Sovereign. Who cares that 300 other people did as well. 
3- I had a great time and I wasn't waiting tables! 
4- I made some new friends!
5- My face was on the big screen in Times Square while I was dancing so that is always cool. :)

Below is a video I saw on YouTube this morning of the event. It doesn't have my small group dance on it but you get the idea of what went on! 

November 3, 2010

Our Wedding Party!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! 
My one day a week to gush about all things wedding!

 There are a few things I would like to keep traditional at the wedding but not many. Sooo, as you can guess, the wedding party will not be "traditional". 

Meet my MAN of Honor.
After Coco's ship came in from Hawaii Dec. 2009
And Stud Muffin's Best Man.
Corey & Addison picking apples.
Stud Muffin and I decided to go with just two people in our wedding party for several reasons. 
1- It's a destination wedding and we do not want anyone to feel obligated to make their vacation our wedding. While we would love to have everyone there, we don't want people to feel forced! 
2- I don't have any sisters and the practice of the brother standing on the opposite side has always disturbed me. He is my brother and I think he should stand with me! 
3- One less thing for me to pick out and try to please everyone! This alleviates the pressure of picking a dress in the color, style and price range that suits all my friends. I just know that would have stressed me beyond belief! 

I love the fact that our wedding party is going to be so intimate. 

My brother has already asked if he can get dressed with Stud Muffin and the other guys. Hairspray apparently makes him ill. Or maybe its the squealing girls. Who knows! But, of course he can get ready with the dudes! Now... when should we tell him he gets to hold my bouquet? 


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