November 10, 2010

Photography & Video Decisions!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! 
My one day a week to gush about all things wedding! (and sometimes share the stress!)

First things first. I am not having a video of my wedding. Nope.
I know, I know. All these brides tell me that I am going to miss out of so many things by not having it but I just cannot fathom spending that much money on a video that I will watch once a year if lucky. Besides, the way everyone has video and photo on their phones these days I am sure to see some unedited footage of my own wedding at some point. 

With that being said. Photography means A LOT to me. A LOT! I have searched and searched and cannot find something that I love in the price range I can spend. My absolute favorites were these guys!  But I haven't heard back from them since September and it was going to really stretch my budget any how. My next favorite was this Oklahoma based photog but they were already booked for my date. I have now begun searching and searching online for someone local to the South Florida area but I cannot find anyone with super artistic photos. I don't want the average ol' pics. I want something very artistic. Something you can hang on your wall that looks like art. Not just a picture of you and your hubby on your wedding day. If I wanted those pics I could get my friends so take the pictures for a whole lot less! 

HELP!! If anyone knows of some crazy good (and affordable) photographers send them my way! 
Also, give me your thoughts on parents albums? Trash the dress? All those things! I am way overwhelmed in the photography area!


  1. I JUST looked at my friends wedding photos today. They were done by Jesse Reich, he's in Tulsa. His site is he also has photo booths which they had at their reception. SUCH a fun idea!

  2. I didn't have a wedding video because I thought it was pointless. I, like you, didn't see myself watching it again. I felt like my children could see my wedding through my pictures.

    I have no suggestions on photographers. Sorry. But what's a parent's album?? And what the heck do you mean by trash the dress?

    Does your wedding planner have any suggestions for anyone close in location because if you get someone from out of state, they're going to make you pay for it all. Just make sure you get pictures of family members that are there with you, those are the ones that I cherish the most as some of those family members aren't with me anymore.

  3. Hey!

    Did you check out Aaron Snow or Josh McCullock? They run around with Carl. :)

    Millie Holloman is on the east coast, but she might be more traditional looking than what you are looking for.

    From a quick glance at the blog of your first pick, I could tell that a lot of what makes those photos great is the people and the emotion captured. :)

    My friend Alison is having a special called "get me out of Texas"- You might check it out. Check the blog. :)



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