August 26, 2011


In just one more week, my very favorite time of year will officially KICK OFF! 

That's right friends, COLLEGE FOOTBALL is on the way! 

And here is just a glimpse of what needs to happen...

This guy!

Better be completing several passes and TD throws to this guy...

And this guy,
Better make some huge moves that give us the plays to win on the road in Week 3!!

The Sooners are pre-season ranked #1. I hate it. 
It means diddly squat to be ranked #1 in the pre-season. 
The only thing that does is put a big fat target on your back. 
In the BCS era, no team has gone undefeated when ranked number 1 in the pre-season. 
I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't like it!!!

Here's to a season of worry and hoping my Sooners pull it off!!! 



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