January 12, 2011

Invitation Station!

My once a week gush about my upcoming vows!!
This weekend Stud Muffin and I will be tackling the invites! (Now, if you are not an avid Dancing Reader, you need to catch up on a few facts... Stud Muffin is designing all of our stationary for the wedding and I know nothing about paper.) So,  as you can imagine, I am already overwhelmed by this thought. 
Last night we discussed all of the things we were going to need to design and what paper we thought needed to be purchased for the invites. I have some ideas of what I think looks good and Stud Muffin has some really cool ideas. I am hoping that we are not too ambitious. Most of our ideas are going to take some cutting and pasting here at home but that is fine... I think the invites should be fun! 
I am still a bit confused as to what to include in our invite packet. I mean, RSVP of course, but what else? Accommodations? If the reception is in the same venue with the ceremony do you need to include a separate page for that info? I have an extremely detailed wedding website with travel information and such on it... do I need to include those things? These are my immediate worries. 
Then we have the things that are "formal and traditional" that make me crazy! I do not like that extra piece of paper that comes in formal invites. It makes me crazy. It made sense to put it there when things were written in ink and you didn't want to smudge your letter but now? Hmm... I feel it is just a waste of a good tree.The inner envelope? If we have a thing that looks like a folder in the outer envelope do we need an additional envelope on it as well or does the new "folder" count as the inner envelope?
So many questions! I think I may have to phone conference my mother while at the paper store this weekend. Who could forget the last paper store debacle?! Stud Muffin and I have a design and a plan... we leave the store with completely different Save-The-Dates than original design. I am so scared! Who told me it was a good idea to do all this ourselves?!

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  1. hhmmmm, well I think that you don't have to have that silly piece of paper in the invites, that is as long as your ink is dry on the paper. As for the inside envelope? Maybe as long as the outer envelope is thick enough that it can protect the pretty invite on the inside that would work.
    As for reception information, etc. Maybe you coudl just put something like, reception immediately following ceremony or wahtever it is youre doing. For the exact details, send Stud Muffin back to the paper store, have him pick out a beautiful 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and put the details for your guests on that. Then when your guests arrive you can have it at the hotel for them? I don't know. Isn't Erin an expert on this stuff?



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