January 11, 2011

Live To Dance? Why, Yes, I DO!

Well friends, I have decided to bite the bullet and blog about Live to Dance. You know I have a million opinions about it so I might as well share them. 

Tomorrow, we will find out who the final member of the Top 18 will be. My friends are in the Top 18 and I cannot wait to watch them. I stole this video from one of their YouTube pages... 
(on the show it will just be the boys)

So, after last weeks final decision episode this is what I have to say...
I do not like the judges choice of Kendall Glover. Yes, I think she is beautifully talented dancer but I think that groups are much harder to get clean and precise. A little bobble in a solo, you may never notice. A bobble is a group shows up most of the time. I also think it was crazy not to pick the ballet duo! Crazy! Ballet needs more mainstream attention. It takes so much hard work. You cannot fake it in point shoes people! And did I mention that Kendall Glover is already a seasoned professional? I doubt she needs this show or the cash. In any case, I am sure that the show will be fabulous. I would have liked to see adults who are struggling to work in a profession they love make the show over a child who already has a lovely resume. 

But, does it really matter? Nope. Because I will be cheering on Tap Sounds Underground!  Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little kids that are "dating"! They are crazy talented! 

More on Live to Dance every Thursday!! 

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