December 31, 2009


I cannot believe that it has been 10 years of the 2000s!
Many things have changed for me in the past decade. I would say that this has been the most interesting 10 years of my life by far. (Not that I have that many decades to choose from but ya know!) So, with inspiration from all the television "lists" this week, I have decided to recap the highlights of my past 10 years.

* I graduated high school and thought that made me a real adult. Not so much!
* I began college as a modern dance major and learned quickly that it was much harder than I had ever expected.
* The first year I ever paid taxes. (blah blah blah!)

* I left the dance department and changed my major to journalism. BUST! I wanted to dance, just not in a college setting.
* I moved into a house with 96 girls. One of the most fun things EVER!! I absolutely loved it there.
* The Sooners went UNDEFEATED and won their first national championship in 15 years! Yeah Baby!!

After moving, I quickly learned that I was not going to be "famous" overnight and that it took a lot more than talent to make it here. There is a reason people with far more talent than me left LA or NYC after just a year. It is lonely and you never really know who your friends are. Lucky for me, I guess, I was just too stubborn to admit I missed Oklahoma and normal life.
After living here for just a short 8 months, the twin towers were hit in a terrorist attack. I have absolutely no idea why, but that one single event gave me more courage to stay here than anything else had done. I know that day will forever remain a memory in my mind.
* I
also performed my very first show in NYC this year! It was a dance revue at Broadway Dance Center but I loved every minute of it!!

* I was living in NYC's Greenwich Village and finally adjusting to life in the big city.
*I started working full time for Encore Performing Arts Showcase and was most definitely working as a full time waitress. (BOO!!) Although, I met some great people while working there!
* I performed in my first Elan Awards honoring Anne Reinking! Love her!!

My first NYC roommate moved out and went on tour with Hairspray. :(
* I lived alone for about 2 months and painted my apartment HOT PINK! It was fabulous!! (Sadly, I cannot find my pics of this lovely Barbie Dream House)
*That summer, we had a city wide (well, most of the northeast) blackout! It was HOT! I had 3 people from my hometown staying in my apartment that summer so we made the most of it! We did a lot of hanging out in Central Park.
*In the fall, I got to perform in another Elan Awards... this time, honoring Rob Marshall!! Needless to say, I was pretty excited to dance in front of that man!!
*And then that winter... I got to be Daffy Duck in the Holiday Parade! Oh, you know you wish you were in that costume!

*Oh 2004... the year I took a step back from dancing (not on purpose) and became a restaurant manager! DUMB DUMB DUMB!
*Although, I met the love of my life while working there, so I will accept that year as a good one!
*And... 2 of my favorite people in the world got married!! I love em!!

*2005 proved to be a much better year for me than the one before. I quite my job as a manager on Jan. 2!! Oh happy day!!
* I moved into my own apartment. It was the cutest little studio all to myself! I loved it!! (I think everyone should live alone for a year. It really helps you to become you!)
*I started auditioning more and more and dance became fun again!
*Brian took me to Fire Island for the first time, where I fell in love with the place! And I took him to Key Largo for the first time.

*This was the year I became Big, Blue & Furry. I was cast as Bluedles on the short lived PBS show "Sheira & Loli's Ditty Doodle Works."
* It was a crazy job but it was fun for the most part. Can't say I miss dancing in that suit though!
*I got to do the choreography for the show when they performed with Johnny Weir at the Reckson Center Christmas Tree Lighting!
*Oh, and I got to dance with Chaka Kahn!!

*This year was a bit of a downer compared to 2006 for me.
*Ditty Doodle went on tour for about 3 weeks and then we all lost our jobs because they weren't making enough money.
*I spent a lot more time teaching and judging dance competitions this year. (Which I love but it wasn't enough.)
*And... the real downer for me!! Coco joined the freakin Navy while we are at war!! I was angry for a while but I think it has made him a man!!

*Eventful to say the least!
* We started the year off by meeting up with Coco's ship in FL. It was great to see the sailor!
*Then Brian & I took a trip with our friends Megan & John to St. Maarten. It was a blast!!
*I spent the summer on tour with Kidz Bop Live! It was a good time for sure. I still keep in touch with all of the kids and love them dearly. They are super talented and going places!
*Brian attended his first OU/TX game with me and the family in October. Unfortunately, we lost.
*I then spent 3 months in Akron, Ohio performing in a production of All Shook Up! One of the most fun times I have ever had!! I really missed Brian and hated working on all the major holidays but it was a great experience!

*Well, this year started off slow... I came back from Ohio with the economy killing Broadway!
*I judged and did some choreography during the spring and summer.
*I went to LA for about 6 weeks in the end of summer to see about switching coasts and what do you know... I got a JOB!!
*The Yankees won the World Series!!
*Yo Gabba Gabba Live then took up the rest of my year! It was HUGE. I even got to watch Snoop teach the Peanut Butter Stomp!
*After that I took my first trip to Hawaii and got to see my brothers ship come in.
Cannot wait!!

I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Happy New Years to everyone!! Be safe, wear your seat belt and have a DD!!

December 30, 2009

More Hawaii...

Well, we had a great time in Hawaii. Wish it had been a longer trip but I will just have to see the other islands next time!
We got to see the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Really, what happened that day is insane. Watching my brother take it all in was something to see as well.

We had some lovely poolside drinking time. Don't you think that everything should be served in a pineapple? It was AWESOME!!

We did some snorkling. It was a great time until I decided to act all awesome and get salt water in my eyes. The salt water sun screen mixture that I continued to rub in was not fun. Nothing a little shower on board the boat couldn't fix though!
Did some dolphin & whale watching. I took video of that so when I figure out how to get that on here I will share.

The trip was fantastic. Thank you to my wonderful Mommy & Daddy for helping to make it work out. We had a great time and the best part was that I was with all the people I love!!


As many of you Dancing readers know, we took a little trip to Hawaii the week before Christmas to see my dear sweet brother's ship come in. It was a fantastic trip!

We arrived at Pearl Harbor on December 15 to see Coco's ship come in to port. (This was also Pawpaw's 81st birthday.) Once we were past all the security we found the tents to make little "welcome home" gifts for the boys. This is Coco's pillow case that Mom had sent out before we arrived. I like it!! She thinks it looks a bit special.
After we got a bit settled I started my usual people watching routine. All of these wives, mothers and children anxiously waiting the arrival of their husband or father. I cannot imagine. There were six babies born to sailors wives while they were deployed. Can you imagine? One little boy was born 3 days after they left. He is 6 months old!! God bless that family for their sacrifice!

We then got to stand on another ship to see the Crommelin come in! It was great. The Navy Band was playing patriotic tunes the entire time and it was such a beautiful moment.

Can you imagine living on that thing? I would die!! I mean, I barely survive our 450 square foot apartment! Good thing Coco doesn't seem to mind living with that many people.

Of course the best part of the day was when he finally got off the ship and we got to hug him!! So happy he is now home. Beware... he is on his way to tear up Oklahoma for the New Year!!

Change of Scenery

Welcome to Dancing Through Life's new home!!

Still trying to get all my old posts to import and stuff like that. Bear with me!

More to come very soon!! I promise!!


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