December 30, 2009


As many of you Dancing readers know, we took a little trip to Hawaii the week before Christmas to see my dear sweet brother's ship come in. It was a fantastic trip!

We arrived at Pearl Harbor on December 15 to see Coco's ship come in to port. (This was also Pawpaw's 81st birthday.) Once we were past all the security we found the tents to make little "welcome home" gifts for the boys. This is Coco's pillow case that Mom had sent out before we arrived. I like it!! She thinks it looks a bit special.
After we got a bit settled I started my usual people watching routine. All of these wives, mothers and children anxiously waiting the arrival of their husband or father. I cannot imagine. There were six babies born to sailors wives while they were deployed. Can you imagine? One little boy was born 3 days after they left. He is 6 months old!! God bless that family for their sacrifice!

We then got to stand on another ship to see the Crommelin come in! It was great. The Navy Band was playing patriotic tunes the entire time and it was such a beautiful moment.

Can you imagine living on that thing? I would die!! I mean, I barely survive our 450 square foot apartment! Good thing Coco doesn't seem to mind living with that many people.

Of course the best part of the day was when he finally got off the ship and we got to hug him!! So happy he is now home. Beware... he is on his way to tear up Oklahoma for the New Year!!

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