December 30, 2009

More Hawaii...

Well, we had a great time in Hawaii. Wish it had been a longer trip but I will just have to see the other islands next time!
We got to see the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Really, what happened that day is insane. Watching my brother take it all in was something to see as well.

We had some lovely poolside drinking time. Don't you think that everything should be served in a pineapple? It was AWESOME!!

We did some snorkling. It was a great time until I decided to act all awesome and get salt water in my eyes. The salt water sun screen mixture that I continued to rub in was not fun. Nothing a little shower on board the boat couldn't fix though!
Did some dolphin & whale watching. I took video of that so when I figure out how to get that on here I will share.

The trip was fantastic. Thank you to my wonderful Mommy & Daddy for helping to make it work out. We had a great time and the best part was that I was with all the people I love!!

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