September 8, 2010

Save-The-Dates (part one)

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I gush about every detail of planning my wedding! 

As you already know we are having a destination wedding. His family from New York, my family from Oklahoma and friends scattered all over the United States it is just the best idea. Plus, fun for everybody! 

Anyhow, I had this grand idea that our save the dates simply must be unique and scream destination wedding! I am engaged to a graphic designer people, he will be designing all the stationary for this grand event. Soooo.... we have been through several drafts of save-the-dates! 

Draft One:
Why not send a paper airplane to your guests?
Hmmm... this seemed like a good idea at first but, well, who wants to fold all those planes? 

Draft Two:
An airplane ticket for your Save-The-Date?
I really liked this idea. The designer, not so much. Says it has been done too many times. So, don't expect these to arrive in your mailbox anytime soon from us! 

Draft Three:
A postcard! That just screams vacation!
We really toyed with this idea. One, it has to be cheaper to send postcards and two, it seemed fun. 
Several options later we thought we had decided on the final draft. 

Then Stud Muffin went to the paper store! Oh dear, don't let that boy loose in the paper store! He was inspired all over again! No worries though. What we did come up with was great and I am really excited to put them in the mail!! Especially since, according the Martha Stewart, I am about 3 months late getting my Save-The-Dates for the wedding in the mail!! 

I will post Part Two of the Save-The Date story when they have finally arrived in mail boxes around the nation! Getting exciting!! 


  1. Oh forget Martha Stewart! How would you have mailed a paper plane though?

  2. Haha! I mean, all the mags said that the Save the Dates needed to be sent for a destination wedding 12 months prior! I didn't even have a place 12 months prior!! That is NUTS!

    As for mailing the airplane... I'm not sure!

  3. So cute! I do love the paper plane! I remember once I bought a "message in a bottle," you just put two stamps on this little bottle with a letter in it and off it went. Super cute. Whatever you do, it will be great!



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