September 7, 2010

Bummer Sooner!

Welcome to My College Football Fandemonium!! 
(Feel free to subject yourself every Tuesday & Friday!)

I was so excited for Saturdays Game! SUPER EXCITED!! 
I woke up at 7am, went to the gym and showered all in time to get on the couch for the extra early hour of College Game Day on ESPNU!! I then sat happily with my coffee from 9am until Noon watching my favorite show

Then I watched the Florida game, I thought they looked a little lack luster. Definitely didn't look like the #4 team in the country. I was happy with this thought and then moved right along to watching Texas play. Texas didn't seem to look like the #5 team in the nation either! I was PUMPED! I mean, all we had to do was blow out Utah State and we could move ahead of them in the rankings. 

All we had to do was... UGH!!!
Possibly not look like this guy did on Saturday!! 

We cannot simply rely on Demarco and Broyles! They are great play makers but you cannot have a champion team with just one receiver and one back! Just not possible! 

What happened to our defense Mister Venables?
Most of you know how I feel about Venables. I think we can do better! C'mon Brent, go get a head coaching job somewhere! Pretty please! But before you do that could you please solve our defensive problems before SATURDAY!! K, Thanks!

Our poor kicking game! Oh for the love! Did you see that sad sad field goal? I could have kicked that poor thing! No wonder Bob is stressing over our kickers!! Bring back Garret Hartley!

Lastly, our biggest problem and has been for a few seasons now... PENALTIES!!! Are you freakin' kidding me with these things!!! Two, count em, TWO personal fouls on 3rd downs!!! Seriously?!?!?! Both personal fouls were committed by a new kid. A redshirt freshman. Do I have much sympathy? NOPE! Get it together Wort! You look to be a true competitor out there but you must be able to control your emotions!! If I were Bob Stoops I would have allowed Demarco and Broyles to sit there eating Bon Bons while they watched the rest of the team clean the stadium after that game! Yes, I know we won! But did you see the game? We cannot play that way this week and expect to keep our home winning streak alive! Sooners, you have your work cut out for you! 

In other news, Boise State unfortunately beat Va. Tech last night in a nail biter. Navy couldn't seem to get it done once in the Red Zone and OU did manage to squeak out its 800th win of all time! 

See you Friday Football Fans!! 

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  1. Okay so the "stache" needs to go, maybe he'll play better without it. I'm with OG on Venebles, perhaps there is a reason that he hasn't been recruited elsewhere. I'm tired of watching us screw up these "easy" games.
    On a positive note: GO FROGS! Trying to order Sweet Pea a TCU cheerleading outfit but can't find one! Little Red has the Sooners covered but may need to order her a TCU one as well!
    I hope that OU turns it around next weekend, oh and I did eat at Victorias this weekend!



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