September 10, 2010

Best Football Weekend of 2010?

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I must say, I cannot wait for Saturday! This is a great weekend for football!! I am not sure how I will be able to see all the games!! Of course my first pick to watch is the No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners take on No. 17 Florida State!! The last time these two teams met was a great day in Sooner History! 

We all know that Oklahoma looked like poo in their win last Saturday. Let's hope they keep their home winning streak alive and don't allow the Seminoles to run all over them!
Game is on ABC at 3:30 ET!!! Watch it!!

The other game I really want to watch

I just don't think Ohio State is as good as everyone else thinks they are. I could be wrong, but I pick Miami to win this meeting. 
Game is on ESPN at 3:40 ET. I am going to have to be in a swivel chair.

Game Day will be in Alabama as their No. 1 team takes on No. 18 Penn State. 
Now, I know I have friends that will kill me for cheering for the SEC, but I just think they are the better  team here. Besides its a home game for them. 
Game is on ESPN at 7:00 ET. 

Those are the only games that I am truly interested in, however, the following scenarios would please me! 
No. 5 Texas plays Wyoming. Yes, yes, I know they will win. And I cannot believe that I am saying this, but I want them to win by about 70 points! Why? You ask. Because that horrible Boise State team plays Wyoming next week and I want everyone they play to look like they are just plain awful. Sorry Va. Tech but I hope you have a losing record this year! 

I want No. 4 TCU to have a blow out game against Tennessee Tech! Kill Em TCU!! If anyone is going to be a BCS Buster I want it to be the Frogs! 

And, finally, I would like No. 7 Oregon to get the you know what kicked out of them by the Volunteers! 

How bout you? Any big games you are watching this weekend? What are your picks?

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