September 20, 2010

Packing Like A Pro

Because I live out of my suitcase most of the year, I have decided to share with you the things I find helpful while living on the road and in airports.

After reading that one of my dearest friends had 17 bags to travel with, I decided I should post about how to pack for travel on and off airplanes. (I realize I do not have children but... surely I could help in some way!) 

Today's lesson:  Packing for flight.

So... here is the deal. First thing first... you need a rolling duffel people. 
Why do I say you need a duffel and not a regular old suitcase? Weight. If your bag weighs over 50 pounds then it is going to cost ya. So, get a bag that weighs less to begin with and you will be off to a good start. 

My second favorite thing to use when packing:  Ziploc Bags!
And yes, I label them.
First of all, Ziploc makes so many different sizes it is fabulous! You can put all your little things together which is nice. All my socks in one bag. All my tanks in one bag. My dance shoes always get a bag because they are stinky. When traveling for a weekend to judge dance competitions, I normally put each outfit in a ziploc and the very best part... when you get them in there and no air is with it.... NO WRINKLES!!
You can fit so much more in your bag with the ziplocs. Plus, they stay organized. 
Notice that I labeled how many leotards where in the bag... That is so I come home with the same things I left with. I need to be kept in check sometimes. 

  • Always check to see if you can do laundry where you are going because that saves TONS of space.
  • When packing your shoes, keep to the basics unless absolutely necessary as they weigh the most. 
  • If you are going to be gone for a long time buy your shampoo and things when you get there. 
  • Read and understand the airport security rules. Nothing is more annoying than the guy that packs his toiletries in the carry on and then loses them all. 
  • Write down everything you want to take versus what you NEED to take. 
  • Try to limit yourself to one bag as a carry-on. Put your laptop inside another bag that can be used as a carry on so that you are walking around with less at the airport. 
  • And for the LOVE... Please do not put your coat in the overhead until everyone has boarded the plane. Because if I need the space I WILL move your coat! 


  1. all great tips whit! i'm so honored you thought of me...i think! the 17 bags may have seemed a little like over-kill, but we hardly had to buy a thing when we got there and we had plenty of room in the car. it would have been amuch different story if we flew. thankfully, we didn't, though!

  2. I was worried about you! And your 17 bags! I do understand not wanting to buy your stuff in certain places as it is more expensive! I will do a travel by car version soon... and yes, I include more luggage in that post!



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