September 3, 2010

It's Officially College Football Season!

Welcome to My College Football Fandemonium!! 
(Feel free to subject yourself every Tuesday & Friday!)
If you are wondering who these boys in red are... They are the Utes! 
My Daddy wrestled for the University of Utah so unless they are going to hurt the Sooners chances at BCS Title we cheer for them. And last night they were fabulous! 

Last night, the 1st night of college football, the unranked Utes hosted No. 15 Pitt and WON! 
Final Score Pitt 24 Utah 27
Did I mention that was in OT?!! Go Utes! 
What a way to start out your last season in the Moutain West Conference before heading into the Pac-10. (Pac-12). 
I will say I was disappointed in the way Kyle Whittingham, Utah's Coach, messed with Pitt's poor kickers head at the end of the 4th quarter. He kicks to tie the game but Utah had called TO, kicks again and misses but Utah had called TO, kicks a 3rd time barely gets the ball in between the uprights and this time no time out! So, they went into OT anyway! 
Anyhow, shady coaching or not, Congrats to the Utes!

Now onto No. 2 Ohio State. They played Marshall. At home. Really not too much to see. I only noticed that Terrell Pryor has become a BEAST 65 yard pass that was spot on! And that the Buckeyes may want to do some serious work on special teams before they host Miami next weekend. They let one kickoff return come way back down the field. Then they allowed Marshall to block a Field Goal and run it all the way back for a TD! Watch out Buckeyes... those kind of mistakes can cost you big time when playing a real opponent.  
Psst... Miami looked good last night boys!

And that leads me to this...

OU Kicks off their home opener against Utah State tomorrow at 7pm Eastern Time. I will be watching with pride!!! And praying that we finally have a kicker, Bob Stoops is telling the truth about the O-Line and that NO ONE GETS HURT!!! 

Until Tuesday Folks... BOOMER!!!!

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