September 21, 2010

How Does This Happen?

Taking a break today from my crazy ramblings about all things College Football
Today, what is happening to all our football players? Why the suicide? Why the sudden death? 
Last Friday Reggie Garrett, a 17 year old high school quarterback in Beaumont, Texas, collapsed after throwing a TD pass. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. The cause is still unknown. WHAT?!! 
How does this happen? Are these kids being worked too hard? Are they not being monitored closely enough after a hard hit? 
It was reported that Garrett had battled seizures but that it is uncommon to tell someone with seizures that they can't play football. Really??? Because it seems like a BIG RED FLAG to me! When did he begin having seizures? Could it be that they were caused by a blow to the head! And maybe they were not caused by football at all. I just think that we really need to watch these kids. Sure, I want to win just as much as the next guy (if not more!) but if you have to give up a W, a playoff game, a chance at the State or National Title to save a life... Can't we all agree that is more important? 

The NCAA took some precautions towards player safety this year but not enough if you ask me. 
*Players can no longer create the 3 man wedge on a kick off return. (This rule was used in the NFL last year and only called a few times.) The penalty is 15 yards. That's a biggie.
*No more toughing it out! Injured players must be cleared by a doctor before returning to play.
Now sure this rule sounds good but... I don't trust all those Doctors. How do you know they aren't thinking sure he can make it 2 more quarters and then we will deal with the injury?! Perhaps the kids should have Dr. and Mother approval before heading back out onto the field. 

Now, I won't harp too much on the next subject as I will just mention it because I think it is tragic. 
Studies are popping up linking head injury to suicide. Sadly, there are several suicides in the football community. While I hope and pray that my favorite Saturday activity is not what is causing these things, perhaps these findings will lead to a deeper look into the safety of those young men! 

Kenny McKinley, Denver Broncos. Apparent Suicide 9/20/2010

Owen Thomas, Penn State University, Suicide April 2010.

Let's hope that we each remember to thank God for each day and not take anything or anyone for granted.  

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