August 31, 2010

Football MUST SEES This Week!

Welcome to My College Football Fandemonium!! 
(Feel free to subject yourself every Tuesday & Friday!)

I am admittedly biased to my Oklahoma Sooners. No Longhorns welcome here!

As the season kicks off on Thursday! (I am so excited I might just pee my pants!) I decided to give you a list of what you should be watching this weekend. Enjoy!! 

Thursday September 2nd
7:30pm No. 2 Ohio State vs. Marshall
7:30pm No. 13 Miami vs. Florida A & M
Neither of these games will be all that interesting but c'mon people... Football is officially starting!!! 

Friday September 3rd
8:00pm Arizona vs. Toldeo 
(I just think we should all support the Stoops clan!)

Saturday September 4th 
Noon  No. 20 Florida State vs. Samford (Research for upcoming Sooners game!)
3:30pm UConn at Michigan (I just wanna watch it.)
7:00pm No. 7 Oklahoma vs. Utah State 
7:45pm No. 24 Oregon State vs. No. 6 TCU (Cheer your pants off for the Frogs I say!!!) 

Monday September 6th
8:00pm No. 3 Boise State vs. No. 10 Virginia Tech
(This is my pick for Game Of the Week... and you best be cheering for Virginia Tech... those boys with the Blue Field make me angry!)

And, yes, I know I left off the LSU vs. UNC Game... I just don't think its going to be a game. LSU is going to kill them and there are plenty of other games to watch at that time. Trust me... Not going to be a game.

August 30, 2010

The Emmys!!

I would like to say this is the 1st ever award show that I was happy with all the winners!!! 
Here are a few of my favorites!!

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Jim Parsons!! I tell you that Sheldon, on The Big Bang Theory is one of the best characters of all time!

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Eric Stonestreet!!! He just cracks me up beyond belief!! And outside of acting impresses me as well.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
JANE FREAKIN LYNCH!!! YES!!! She is phenomenal!! And Glee is Amazing!!

Outstanding Comedy Series!!

Outstanding Drama Series

How bout you? Anyone get snubbed that you thought should have won? 

August 27, 2010


As many of you Dancing Readers already know, I am slightly obsessed with college football. Okay, really obsessed. So, I have decided to dedicate 2 days a week this fall to my Sooners!! OH YEA!!!  So, Fridays and Tuesdays it will be all college football!! Why, Tuesdays you ask... Standings come out on Mondays and you know I am gonna have an opinion... or 3. 

So now that you know.... Here are some links to get you thinking in the proper mind set!! See you for more football on Tuesday!! College football kicks off in less than a week! Yipee!!!

And... my favorite, The Sports Animal...

August 25, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I go on and on about planning my big day!

I left off with the Crazy Lady's trip to the Big Apple for The Dress!! 
So, after we found the dress we did what all women do! Hop on the subway and go get your nails did!!
I really enjoyed documenting The Crazy Lady and TamTam on the subway because they were such geeks! (Love you girls!) 
At the nail salon there were many heated games of Words with Friends happening.
 We are all addicted to it! TamTam normally beats the pants off the rest of us but we try. I swear to you my vocabulary is getting much bigger playing this game! 
On Saturday morning we went to Brunch at the Crazy Lady's favorite place The Boat House in Central Park. Afterwards we did a little walking through the park and TamTam had me in stitches!!
Here she is with street performer (or something like that) #1.
She is trying to get her to move!! Ha!! TamTam gave her a "donation" and she danced for us. It was really not that pretty. And then... she gave us a card saying she is a dance teacher. Hmmm.... No thanks.
This girl was a bit better.
Still, I don't think I would send my kid to take lessons from someone that has to spend their weekend like this. Kinda scares me. 
Anywho, after that we all took off and had some drinks while TamTam attended her 3rd Broadway Show for the week!! We had a grand time and I cannot wait for the ladies to return!!

August 24, 2010

Gege is 90!!!

I apologize for the 2 week hiatus! I promise when you read the next week's worth of posts you will understand that I have only had time to work work and work. But I'M BACK!!

My amazing grandmother, Gege, turned 90 on Friday August 13th!! I was in Oklahoma teaching dance and was super excited to spend time with her. 

For those of you that don't know my Gege, she is AWESOME! Gege is my Dad's mother. She worked at the front desk of the dance studio when it opened and has always been a big dance supporter! Because her birthday was on a Friday and everyone was working Mom brought her down to the studio to watch some rehearsals! Just so happened it was Jr. Hip Hop Rehearsal. Gege may not have been into the music but she thought the kids were fabulous!

On Saturday, we had a little family gathering at our house for Gege.

Aunt Cindy, Megan, Scott and Anna Kate joined us as well. Boy was Anna Kate a joy. (That is my cousins lil girl) She got Daddy to play the guitar and even coaxed me into singing. Which was not pretty as I had been yelling over music for 10 days. Really happy that the Sailor was able to join us as well. Been a long time since we have all been together and I cannot think of a better occasion! 

Happy Belated 90th Gege!!! We love you!!

August 5, 2010

Billy Elliott on Broadway

My Mother came to visit and we did a little bit of musical watching!! It was great!!

On Friday night of Mom's trip we went to see Billy Elliott. 
I normally see shows on Broadway that are based around dancing as soon as I can get a ticket. Billy Elliott was different however. I had seen the movie and while I really enjoyed it I just didn't know how much I would enjoy a child driven show on Broadway. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!  

Hands down my favorite show I have seen on Broadway to date! The choreography in this show was unreal. It was so intricate and no detail was overlooked. The transition scenes are beautifully done. Peter Darling did a fabulous job!! 

Now, while the choreography may have been my favorite part (I am a little biased to those things) I was simply amazed by the children in this show. There are TINY children in this show and they hit every single one of their marks without fail! The set moves so much around them they would be injured if they didn't!! All the little girls in the show are adorable with their non-pointed toes and bad lines. I am sure that was all on purpose. 
And let me just talk FOREVER about "Billy". OH MY GOSH!!! That is one demanding role! No wonder the part was triple cast in the beginning. And yes, all 3 of those boys deserved the Tony Award they received! This kid acts, dances and sings throughout the entire production and doesn't miss a beat. The only thing I didn't like in the show was when Billy sees himself dancing when he is older. The older Billy was off balance and took me out of the moment. The child Billy was A-MAZE-A-BALLS!!! Simply fantastic!! 

There are moments in the show that I never saw coming and I am keeping them to myself because I was crying I was laughing so hard and I do not want to steal that moment for anyone else. I just have one little hint... Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy!!! Ahhhh....

August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday Break

Sorry friends! In the Florida Keys checking out my wedding venue and the connection here blows!!!! Be back next week for uber wedding post!!!!


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