August 24, 2010

Gege is 90!!!

I apologize for the 2 week hiatus! I promise when you read the next week's worth of posts you will understand that I have only had time to work work and work. But I'M BACK!!

My amazing grandmother, Gege, turned 90 on Friday August 13th!! I was in Oklahoma teaching dance and was super excited to spend time with her. 

For those of you that don't know my Gege, she is AWESOME! Gege is my Dad's mother. She worked at the front desk of the dance studio when it opened and has always been a big dance supporter! Because her birthday was on a Friday and everyone was working Mom brought her down to the studio to watch some rehearsals! Just so happened it was Jr. Hip Hop Rehearsal. Gege may not have been into the music but she thought the kids were fabulous!

On Saturday, we had a little family gathering at our house for Gege.

Aunt Cindy, Megan, Scott and Anna Kate joined us as well. Boy was Anna Kate a joy. (That is my cousins lil girl) She got Daddy to play the guitar and even coaxed me into singing. Which was not pretty as I had been yelling over music for 10 days. Really happy that the Sailor was able to join us as well. Been a long time since we have all been together and I cannot think of a better occasion! 

Happy Belated 90th Gege!!! We love you!!


  1. I love my (well your) Gege. I remember going to her house as a kid and playing in the room that was set up like a bar. Didn't it have red bar stools or a chair or something?

  2. Happy Birthday to Gege! She is always so happy. The picture captures her spirit!

    Sandra Sadler



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