August 25, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I go on and on about planning my big day!

I left off with the Crazy Lady's trip to the Big Apple for The Dress!! 
So, after we found the dress we did what all women do! Hop on the subway and go get your nails did!!
I really enjoyed documenting The Crazy Lady and TamTam on the subway because they were such geeks! (Love you girls!) 
At the nail salon there were many heated games of Words with Friends happening.
 We are all addicted to it! TamTam normally beats the pants off the rest of us but we try. I swear to you my vocabulary is getting much bigger playing this game! 
On Saturday morning we went to Brunch at the Crazy Lady's favorite place The Boat House in Central Park. Afterwards we did a little walking through the park and TamTam had me in stitches!!
Here she is with street performer (or something like that) #1.
She is trying to get her to move!! Ha!! TamTam gave her a "donation" and she danced for us. It was really not that pretty. And then... she gave us a card saying she is a dance teacher. Hmmm.... No thanks.
This girl was a bit better.
Still, I don't think I would send my kid to take lessons from someone that has to spend their weekend like this. Kinda scares me. 
Anywho, after that we all took off and had some drinks while TamTam attended her 3rd Broadway Show for the week!! We had a grand time and I cannot wait for the ladies to return!!

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  1. Now why wouldn't you want to take dance from the girl in a Tinkerbell outfit in the middle of the park?
    Can't wait to get up there!



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