July 28, 2010

Finding the Dress!!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I go on and on about my impeding nuptials and engagement bliss!! 

Last week, my mother & TamTam came to town to do a little wedding dress shopping. We had appointments booked for Thursday, Friday & Saturday! The entire trip was planned around "the dress". However, there was OH SO MUCH FUN to be had in between the shopping experiences! 

The ladies arrived on Wednesday and we met at their hotel. Mary & Lee Lee Poo Poo met up with us as well. (Leah was dancing in NYC for the past 2 weeks)
We headed to PJ Clark's Sidecar for dinner and met up with Miss Michelle & her Auntie. Of course I have no pictures of that because there was food involved and I was a pig! After dinner, I headed home to get my beauty sleep before my first big day of dress shopping!! The ladies may have stayed up chatting like school girls at night but I am a party pooper who goes to bed at 10pm. 

So, Thursday rolls around and I took Mom & TamTam to City Bakery for a little nibble and coffee before we went to our first appointment. As we were walking to Klienfeld's Bridal, Mom spotted a Sephora and just had to stop. I am so so happy that she did! We were introduced to a new product called Pre-fekt
It made Mom's skin look air brushed. It was fabulous!!
Mom & TamTam were a blast in Sephora!!
Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop

After the make-up pit stop, we were off to our first appointment!! Klienfled's Bridal!!
I had a BLAST trying on dresses! A blast I say! So much fun in fact, I ended up saying "YES to the dress". Oh that's right... no more shopping! We found the dress at the first stop! I love my dress!! LOVE!! It's Ivory and Strapless and GORGEOUS!! That is all you get to know people!! (Don't worry Stud Muffin doesn't read the blog.)
So, needless to say, our plans for the week changed!! I felt horrible because I had invited Stud Muffin's Mother down to shop with us on Friday. So, Kleinfeld's was super gracious and allowed us to come back on Friday to try on the dress again!! And just so you know... I loved it more on Friday!!!

But... more on Thursday. 
TamTam took her first NYC Subway Ride!!
 Then we went to SoHo and had lunch at Balthazar! Mmmm.
And spent the evening watching a fantastic show... Memphis!!


  1. Whit, this gives me the chills!!!! I can't wait to see it! Will Kleinfeld accomodate us in September?

  2. Yay! Congratulations on finding the perfect dress!

  3. Kellie Hockless7/28/10, 12:29 PM

    yay! love it! you are going to be such a beautiful bride. i want to know more details, privately! did the cute brunette in the pic not get the blonde memo? haha :)

  4. Jessie Lee, I will see what I can do. They have been the nicest people on the planet! Oh, my dress is the same designer as your sisters! I knew I loved her dress!

    Kel, I have plenty more deets to share. Your butt will just have to get back to the city for champagne and such for me to share.

  5. I so badly want to go to NYC and see a broadway show, one i've seen and LOVE Wicked and one I haven't, but there's so many i WANT to see i'd have to take like 10 grand to be able to afford it haha. COME ON LOTTERY!



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