July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessie!!!

Today is one of my very best friends birthdays!! Happy Birthday Miss Jessie!!
 I really wanted to post some fabulous pictures of us from long ago as the "Twins of Hollywood" but I cannot get my scanner to work! :( 

So instead, here is a pic from our Pre-Graduation Party May 1999.
Let's see... From left to right we have Summer, Jessie, Me, Thomas, Meghann, Bridger, Courtney & Erin. We all thought we were so cute in those Harold's clothes. Eh... 

Jessie went to TCU and I went to OU but have no fear... we are sisters for life though Kappa Kappa Gamma!

Here is a pic of us from a trip she took to NYC with her sister-in law, Holly. 

Mmmmm.... We cannot eat like this anymore! 

Happy Birthday Jess! I love you~~~


  1. What a fantastic surprise!!!! i come home finally from vacation and get to check all my blogs and find this!!! Here's to our last year in our 20s!!! Oh and we will be visiting Serendipity in September but we'll all have to just share a desert!
    And ew, Harolds dresses.

  2. Yeah, those dresses... ewww!



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