July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Coco Kitten!

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother and best friend!!
Coco Kitten turns 27 today!! Can you believe it? Makes me feel super old!!

Here we are in June 1990 at the 1st SCD Recital!! Lovin' the outfit Coco is wearing with so much pattern! ;)

At LA Dance Force in January 1995! Rehearsing our routine "Jurassic Park". So cool that Coco and I were both in the first SCD Routine to win the big 1st Place Overall Award!!

Here we are in Coco Kitten's room at the SAE House before the home opener 2004. (Ignore my nasty brown-ish colored hair. It was a bad phase) Notice the Conch Republic Flag in the background... that is where I am getting married!! Not that stupid Texas Flag! Ugh!!

This should have been such a great trip... January 2005. We are happy here because we have yet to play the National Championship against USC. :(

Last summer at Cousin Ryan's Wedding with the soon to be birthday girl Gege!! Notice how Coco's attire has gotten SO MUCH BETTER!!

December 2009!! Coco's Naval Ship came home!! Great day and great trip!

Happy Birthday Bubba!! I love you!! 

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