July 16, 2010

Jalapenos Wrapped in Bacon (Mmm... Healthy)

This is NOT my recipe. I took it from the Pioneer Woman. Well, actually, I took it from my God-mother who took it from the Pioneer Woman. This is my attempt. 

You only need 3 things!
Jalapeño, Cream Cheese & Bacon. 
I used the lower in fat bacon and fat free cream cheese. I am sure it tastes better with the fat.  

Oops: make that 4 things. Your gonna need some tooth picks too!

First thing first:  Wash those jalapeños & Pre-heat your oven to 375.
Next:  Slice them up.
Then take a spoon (or your finger but careful not to touch eyes after) to hallo them out. 
I prefer to leave a few seeds in them for a little kick. However, if serving to a group I suggest cleaning them out real good! Wash em up again if you need to. :)

Next slice your bacon into thirds. 

Then make yourself a pretty little assembly line

Next take a spoon and fill those jalapenos up with cream cheese! 
Mmmmm... I say the more the better but it really doesn't matter how much you use! 

Then wrap those bad boys in bacon. And stick a toothpick in them so the bacon stays on.
Now:  if you have seen these on the Pioneer Woman's site, she uses a cooking sheet with a rack on it. I don't have one so this will have to do. (I think the only difference is that I got bacon grease all over the bottom of my jalapeños!) 

Anywho:  stick those hot jalapeños in the oven for 20 -25 minutes. (I went with 20 and it was fine)


Oh so yummy!!! I need them again just posting this!! 

But since I don't really eat much dairy my next attempt at these will be made with Soy Cream Cheese & Turkey Bacon. I promise to post that as well... Could be interesting :)

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