July 29, 2010

Memphis The Musical

My amazing Mommy came to visit me last week and we went to see 2 wonderful Broadway Shows!! 

First show we went to see was the 2010 Tony Winner for Best Musical!
I don't want to give too much away about this fantastic production so I may seem a tad bit vague. 

The show opens with a fantastic scene in a Memphis dance club on "the other side of town". I wanted to start dancing the minute the curtain went up. The music is phenomenal! That old 1950s Memphis rock is just too cool for school folks! The dancing was really fun and they had some talented ensemble! 

Anyhow, the story line of this show is a white DJ that wants to play black underground rock on the radio. And the usual story line goes from there... boy meets girls, society doesn't approve, careers on the rise... yada yada yada. I will not tell you anymore about the story because I want to you go WATCH the musical. 

There were scenes that had me crying so hard that my make-up was being put to the test and according to my mother I laughed so loud the entire theater could hear me! Clearly I loved this show. I left thinking it was one of my favorite shows ever. Go see this show people!! It is AMAZING!!


  1. Sounds awesome! You sound like my sister. When we saw Wicked, she was laughing SO LOUD sometimes, people across the room that actually knew her, knew it was her because they heard her laugh. Those are things I love about shows, laugh, cry, and want to dance along!

  2. Sweet. What's on the list for September?



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