July 14, 2010

Tackling the Guest List!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays here at Dancing Through Life! 
Todays topic: The guest list!!

I am a firm believer that every girl in this world falls into one of three categories as a child; 1. The girl who has her entire wedding planned out by age 7 and just needs to "insert Groom here", 2. The girl that thinks she will get married one day but never really thinks wedding until she has met "The One", and 3. The girl that thinks (or knows) she will never ever get married. Until July 2004, I put myself into the 3rd category. Not because I thought it was impossible to find a mate but because I was career driven and men got in the way. So, needless to say I am a bit behind the girls in category 1 who just need to "insert groom". 

With all that said, I hear that the Guest List is a dreaded discussion and people fret over this part more than anything. I was not dreading it. Really? I LOVE making lists and this seemed right up my alley. Our initial guest list was easy and painless. (not according to Stud Muffin, but I thought it was) 

Yesterday I typed out an Excel Sheet with names and addresses and things and BAM! the shock of who was missing came crashing down. The numbers started to double and then I felt myself having a panic attack. I just simply cannot afford to include everyone and I would hate for anyone to feel slighted. The other issue is that it is a destination wedding and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to use vacation days to see me get married. I think we have the guest list finished and ready to go but now I am losing sleep worried that I have forgot someone somehow.

Advice is welcome!


  1. This was a big deal for me because I had just wanted a small family few friends wedding and my mom was telling me all of these people that would be upset if they weren't invited. I'm sorry but I'm a really shy introverted person so the fewer people I had to be in front of the better. It doesn't really matter about the people anyway, it's between you, your husband and God. :) In my opinion anyway lol

  2. Well you know that I fell into category number two right? Whit, you also know how we did ours. At some point, you have to limit it and know that someone may be upset, but they get over it. Most people also realize that planning a destination wedding automatically means that the guest list will be cut. Just remember as I told you a couple of weeks ago, it's about you and Brian. And yes, I did lose to Chris on the anniversary. Horrible huh?

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I think we got it all worked out. I am so lucky to be blessed with so many loving friends that I want them all there to celebrate!!

  4. Why is S.M. always wearing a "wife beater"?

  5. Ha!!! He really only wears those things when no one else is around! Ha! That must be the only time I snap his picture. Poor guy. He really has much better style.



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