July 13, 2011

Welcome to the Keys!

My once a week chat about my awesome Florida Keys Wedding! 

Just after Stud Muffin and I got engaged, the Crazy Lady had phone calls like mad from her amazing friends that wanted to do something for us. Seeing as though we lived far away from Oklahoma and my schedule is always crazy, we said why not throw a party in the Keys! This turned out to be one of my favorite things we did! Instead of a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding we got to do the formal stuff Thursday night and then see all of our friends in a casual setting on Friday night. 

It was such a fun event. I had been turned on to this pin idea from another blog and sent the link over to the hostesses one day. I was so happy when they adopted the idea! 
And my dear sweet pregnant friend that couldn't attend the wedding made all the buttons!!
Basket to choose from as you arrived. 

The groom wearing his pin. He eventually added a Yankee pin as well.
I wore "I am the Bride" and "Boomer Sooner Baby".
With friends coming from all over, it was a fun way to see people interact. 

The party was at a fishing marina. The groom got a kick out of the pelicans. 

Not that you can tell from my disposable cameras... but the M&Ms had our faces on them! 

The food from Chef was amazing!!

As you can see, we were all having a grand ol time!

The kiddos were invited to this one and had a ball!
Gege had friends come too!! 

A giant thank you to all of the hosts and hostesses from the Welcome Party! We had a ball!!

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