July 6, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!
My one day of the week to gush about my BIG DAY!
Groom, Bride and Flower Girl checking out a gift from Mother of the Groom...
Unlike most weddings, we decided to have our rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. It was a small affair with family only. It was a perfect start to the weekend festivities. 
Some of the Brown family after dinner meeting The Crazy Lady!
We did all of the speeches at rehearsal dinner so that we really got to hear them. Corey, brother of the groom and best man, had an amazing speech! He did have to mention that Oklahoma lost to TCU but the moral of the story was fabulous! Daddy-O and The Sailor both gave speeches with tears in their eyes and it made me love them both even more!!  

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic for so many reasons. It was the most intimate event we had all weekend and it was nice to really have the time to sit and talk with the people in attendance. Not too mention have a photo shoot with them!!
One of my favorite things about my Mother In Law is that she meshes so well with my family!!

Uncle Hall and Aunt Susan with all the kiddos!!
Ms. Brooklyn!! Or should I say Dr. Sadler!!
Aunt Vicki, Stud Muffin, Crazy Lady, Daddy-O, The Sailor, Me, Gege and Aunt Cindy!
Stayed tuned for Welcome Party stories next week!!

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  1. Can't wait to see more wedding pictures....glad you are back to blogging more often!



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