May 4, 2011

One Month Away!!!

Today is a special day folks! 
Double Wedding Wednesday post AND...
It is just 1 month til the BIG DAY!!!

Beware... picture heavy post!
Daddy-O and I before the Engagement Party. April 2, 2011

So, way back the first week of April, my mothers friends were super thoughtful and threw Stud Muffin and I an engagement party in Oklahoma.  Stud Muffin's Mom came to OK for the occasion as well!
Future In-Laws dressed in their Black and White.

The Bride and her Men... 

My amazing family! 
The party was at the Chickasaw Lake Club and so much fun... Black and White Themed and very hip!
Black & White Desserts!


All black and white furniture brought in...

Yup... Mom and Dads dog on the mantle... that girl always steals my thunder ;)

Camera shaky, but love the furniture!

I didn't even get to hit this table!

Notice all the B's on the pillows! 

My oldest and dearest friends! 

The Sadler side of the Fam...

I have always wanted napkins with my name on them!

Crites Clan minus a few that we didn't catch...

Thank you so very much ladies!! (and gents!) We feel so very blessed!

Photographer Found!!

It's Wedding Wednesday Folks!

Some of you may remember that I was desperately seeking a photographer. With just 4 months til the wedding! Well, have no fear! I have FINALLY found one and she is AMAZING! 

Introducing... KT Merry! Just stare at her blog and think about all the fabulous pics I am gonna get! I am so so so excited!! She seems fabulous! 

Now, if I can just make myself look purty on the big day!


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