July 13, 2011

Welcome to the Keys!

My once a week chat about my awesome Florida Keys Wedding! 

Just after Stud Muffin and I got engaged, the Crazy Lady had phone calls like mad from her amazing friends that wanted to do something for us. Seeing as though we lived far away from Oklahoma and my schedule is always crazy, we said why not throw a party in the Keys! This turned out to be one of my favorite things we did! Instead of a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding we got to do the formal stuff Thursday night and then see all of our friends in a casual setting on Friday night. 

It was such a fun event. I had been turned on to this pin idea from another blog and sent the link over to the hostesses one day. I was so happy when they adopted the idea! 
And my dear sweet pregnant friend that couldn't attend the wedding made all the buttons!!
Basket to choose from as you arrived. 

The groom wearing his pin. He eventually added a Yankee pin as well.
I wore "I am the Bride" and "Boomer Sooner Baby".
With friends coming from all over, it was a fun way to see people interact. 

The party was at a fishing marina. The groom got a kick out of the pelicans. 

Not that you can tell from my disposable cameras... but the M&Ms had our faces on them! 

The food from Chef was amazing!!

As you can see, we were all having a grand ol time!

The kiddos were invited to this one and had a ball!
Gege had friends come too!! 

A giant thank you to all of the hosts and hostesses from the Welcome Party! We had a ball!!

July 12, 2011

"Dance Moms"

So I am not sure if you have heard, but Lifetime is premiering a new "reality" show tomorrow about my world dance moms. The show is centered around a studio in Pennsylvania and follows several dancers and their mothers through the competition season. Think "Toddlers and Tiaras"

Here's the deal folks. It was bound to happen. I watched Toddlers and Tiaras while cringing at every mother and her crazy ways. I judged them all. And now, the world I know and love is about to be plastered across the small screen for others to judge. I have seen the previews for this show and it does not look nice. Not the kind of publicity one wants for a business... so perhaps this teacher in Pennsylvania has lost her mind. 

Now, don't get me wrong... these little darlings can dance. I cannot pass too much judgment on anything else at this point because I have just seen previews. 
Judge for yourself. 
 Stay tuned for my many opinions on this upcoming train wreck.

July 7, 2011

Choreographers Block!

As many of you Dancing Readers know, I go back to Oklahoma several times a year to teach my mothers dance students. I love them! LOVE THEM! I love teaching them, hanging out with them and feeling as though I have 200 younger siblings that I love to pieces. 

Every August, I go back to Oklahoma and do choreography for the dance company. (The competition team.) I almost always know half way through the year before what I want to do the next year... not this year!! I have several ideas, but I hate it when I do something that has already been done. So... I am watching some old videos for fun and inspiration...

Hope you all enjoy my little church going teen dancers as much as I do!! 

July 6, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!
My one day of the week to gush about my BIG DAY!
Groom, Bride and Flower Girl checking out a gift from Mother of the Groom...
Unlike most weddings, we decided to have our rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. It was a small affair with family only. It was a perfect start to the weekend festivities. 
Some of the Brown family after dinner meeting The Crazy Lady!
We did all of the speeches at rehearsal dinner so that we really got to hear them. Corey, brother of the groom and best man, had an amazing speech! He did have to mention that Oklahoma lost to TCU but the moral of the story was fabulous! Daddy-O and The Sailor both gave speeches with tears in their eyes and it made me love them both even more!!  

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic for so many reasons. It was the most intimate event we had all weekend and it was nice to really have the time to sit and talk with the people in attendance. Not too mention have a photo shoot with them!!
One of my favorite things about my Mother In Law is that she meshes so well with my family!!

Uncle Hall and Aunt Susan with all the kiddos!!
Ms. Brooklyn!! Or should I say Dr. Sadler!!
Aunt Vicki, Stud Muffin, Crazy Lady, Daddy-O, The Sailor, Me, Gege and Aunt Cindy!
Stayed tuned for Welcome Party stories next week!!

Happy Birthday Jessie Lee!!!

Today is one of my dearest friends 30th Birthday!!!
Jessie Lee with her mom, backstage at dance recital circa 1992.

Old hag!
Katie, Myself and Jessie Lee at my engagement party in April!
I love you Jessie!!! 

July 5, 2011

You Better Shop Around!

Who knew that the 4th of July was such a weekend for steals at the stores?

Maybe it is because we are always out of town and laying by a pool somewhere but the deals in NYC during this holiday are amazing!! AMAZING!! 

I went to Saks Fifth Avenue yesterday and came home with a bag full of clothes that barely cost me $100!! Seriously people! Forget the fireworks! SHOPPING is now my new Independence Day gig! I have half my Christmas Shopping finished!! Super excited by this new discovery and had to share!!

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!

Only 59 more days until the first Sooner Football Game!! 

July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sailor!

Today is The Sailor's 28th Birthday!
In honor of said birthday, I am looking to find my baby brother a wife date.
Bubba looking amazing at my wedding with the flower girl!
First let me say this, he has no intention of asking out any girl I send his way! However, if she is going to be my future sister in-law there are requirements. I mean, I picked a good one to be his brother in-law! They are practically BFF!! I want the same! So really, this is one of those, I am giving you this gift because I want it moments! 

So Ladies here are the requirements. 
You must love to eat! The boy is a chef...picky eaters need not apply! Plus, the Crazy Lady will make you eat every time you come to visit so get ready!
You must love wine. (NOT love to whine.) The Chef in him lives to pair food and beverage! 
You are going to need to be able to clean the kitchen... I mean, he is going to cook all the meals... you gotta clean. Plus, they didn't teach him that at culinary school! 
He loves clothes so be prepared to have a partner in shopping... score, right! 
And here is the most important requirement... you must be a Sooners fan. He has a habit of bringing home Oklahoma State and Texas fans and this simply will not do. I cannot be friends with these girls. I refuse to allow my future nieces and nephews to wear any shade of orange. OH... the thought makes me ill. 

So... if you fit the bill please read on...

This is my brother... And he is AWESOME!!
Recital 2002. 

He knows his way around a dance studio!! Always a plus... and he can swing dance ladies!! 
Recital 2002.

He may live in Texas (gag me) at the moment but he wants to move back to the ocean... 
Key Largo, FL  Jan. 2005

He loves his Sooners but dislikes all Dallas teams... so Maves/Cowboys fans need not apply.
First OU Football Game of the 2004 Season.
Who let me dye my hair that color? YUCK!
While he didn't enlist in the Navy until 2007, he has been talking about it since High School.
Home from Deployment #2. December 15, 2009

He works hard and plays harder! Mai Tai anyone?
Hawaii December 2009
In high school he would drive to his Gege's house just to check on her and possibly cook for her... You know your heart is melting....
Christmas Eve with Gege 2010
His ship looked like this at one point on his last deployment!! Be happy he has shore duty!
His Ship in Deployment 2009. He says there was a lot of motion sickness this day.

He always looks so precious when he wakes for Christmas Morning! 
Christmas Morning 2010. He's so cute... hehe.
So ladies.... don't forget to call Coco Kitten and wish him a very happy birthday!! 

Love you Bubba Chubba!


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