September 28, 2010

Red River Shootout

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For those of you that have never been to the OU vs. Texas Game, it is unlike anything else. 
The game takes place on a neutral field.
The Cotton Bowl during Texas State Fair. 
Seats are split straight down the 50 yard line and it is crazy! 
The series has had its ups and downs on the National stage for sure. 
The 90s were a no good time for either team so it seemed that the winner would be a toss up. 
2000s both teams have been pretty amazing and the game, while played the 1st weekend in Oct., is considered to be the Big XII South Championship. (Not that it is always the case!) 
This years game may be a little less of a factor in the South and more of a game for bragging rights. 
Texas had an embarrassing loss at home last week UCLA and dropped from #7 in the polls to #21. (Even I think that might be a bit extreme) And we all know that the Sooners barely beat the Bearcats in their first road game. The Sooners are seriously trying to give me a heart attack. 
Who do I think will win? Well, the Sooners of course! Ha! 
The Sooners should win but it depends on which team they decide to bring to Dallas. If they bring the team that played against Utah State and the Bearcats the run a big risk of earning their first L. However, if they bring the team that played Airforce a few weeks ago, they could not only come away with their first conference win of the season but some nice headlines for the national scene. 
Bobby and the Sooners... Please bring the team that played Airforce. Please!!

With that I leave you with some pics of OU vs. Texas past.
My friends being interviewed for some crazy show in 2007 I think.

Daddy and Brian having a breakfast of champions at the State Fair in 2008. 
This was Brian's first OU vs. Texas experience. 

Getting ready for the game!! (Ou lost this one so sad)

A sea of Crimson and Cream!


Courtney and I playing at the fair. Laughing because I was barely tall enough to ride! 
And with that there is only one thing left to say until Saturday...


  1. Once again we find Keithy Baby in a Columbia shirt, I'm starting to think him and Russ shop at the same store, like all the time. I do like Stuf Muffin's shirt, but not the hat.


    Remember the good old days when we killed Texas like 60 something to 7? That would be nice to have on saturday.

    On another note, sorry Little Red's not yours. Little Red is much more reserved. Sweet Pea has a hint of country girl in her.

  2. SOONER!!! Hope the boys can kick it up a notch and not play like last week! Hopefully the Texas boys have thier heads in the game and not focused on the shooting that happened yesterday. :(



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