Daddy O

This is my fabulous Daddy!
 A picture can say so much about a man. 

This is Dad... BEFORE the BCS National Championship game against USC. Or, as it is now called in my house Black Tuesday.

Things you need to know about the man in the picture that helped to shape me as a person. He is an avid OU Football fan. A musician. An oil man. A history buff. A family man. When I say he is a family man I mean that he put us first. We did things together. Traveled together, ate our meals together, played music together, and even spatted out political views back and forth with each other. He wants his family around... most of the time. (I am sure he could have gone a fishing trip or two with out me... but oh the memories of me singing to the fishy!) 

I am blessed to have a mother and father who love me, love each other and created a HOME for us to grow up in!!


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