November 3, 2010

Our Wedding Party!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! 
My one day a week to gush about all things wedding!

 There are a few things I would like to keep traditional at the wedding but not many. Sooo, as you can guess, the wedding party will not be "traditional". 

Meet my MAN of Honor.
After Coco's ship came in from Hawaii Dec. 2009
And Stud Muffin's Best Man.
Corey & Addison picking apples.
Stud Muffin and I decided to go with just two people in our wedding party for several reasons. 
1- It's a destination wedding and we do not want anyone to feel obligated to make their vacation our wedding. While we would love to have everyone there, we don't want people to feel forced! 
2- I don't have any sisters and the practice of the brother standing on the opposite side has always disturbed me. He is my brother and I think he should stand with me! 
3- One less thing for me to pick out and try to please everyone! This alleviates the pressure of picking a dress in the color, style and price range that suits all my friends. I just know that would have stressed me beyond belief! 

I love the fact that our wedding party is going to be so intimate. 

My brother has already asked if he can get dressed with Stud Muffin and the other guys. Hairspray apparently makes him ill. Or maybe its the squealing girls. Who knows! But, of course he can get ready with the dudes! Now... when should we tell him he gets to hold my bouquet? 

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