November 30, 2010

Sooner Magic Anyone?

Welcome to Football Fandom!
Where I share my love of college football and the OKLAHOMA SOONERS!

Well friends... we did it! We went on the road and beat those pokes!
I am not going to lie... I was absurdly nervous about it. We have not been playing all that well on the road and the pokes have that kid from Ardmore catching balls for them like a mad man!

But why was I nervous... I mean... what is 1 little win for them in the grand scheme of things. The all-time record OU 82 - OSU 16 - Tied 7. I mean, really... we could throw 'em a bone once in a while right?
WRONG! We can't. Because it was not really the W or L that was giving me sleepless nights it was the torture of listening to the "little brother" all year long!

But no worries... We won! (on paper we shouldn't have!) But WE WON!!!
Stay tuned for Fridays post on the upcoming Big 12 Championship Game!


(p.s. I sat in my closet during the last 5 minutes of the game I was so nervous and made Stud Muffin give me updates!) 


  1. Blackmon is from Ardmore? I didn't know that! Isn't Andrew McGee from Ardmore too?

  2. I really just wanted the clock to magically stop and the refs to say, congratulations OU, you've done it again.
    You know we have to go back to Stagwater, oh excuse me, Stillwater again next year right?
    Yes Miranda kaye, Blackmon went to Plainview but I don't think he's a lifelong ardmoreite. I could be wrong on that though.

  3. Ha! I went to Plainview too!



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