November 5, 2010

A Flaw in the System!

Welcome to Football Fandom!
 My twice weekly rant about college footbal and most importantly... The Sooners!

So I have been a bit negligent about my football rantings lately. I apologize. But I am BACK!
It is now time to talk about the Non-Automatic Qualifier teams that are currently saturating the Top 5! Yes, that's right! #3 TCU, #4 Boise State and #5 Utah. All 3 of these teams are UNBEATEN. 

It is very possible that one of these three teams will be in the top 2 of the final BCS Standings and play for the National Title. Here is what I have to say about that. 

If TCU beats Utah this weekend, then yes, I believe they deserve to play over a 1-loss SEC Team.

I am torn with Utah as their schedule was not as difficult but if they beat TCU perhaps. 

I do NOT, DO NOT, believe that Boise State deserves to play over a 1-loss SEC Team. 

And I absolutely will die if we have to watch two of these teams play each other! Why? Because we will never learn anything by it. If TCU play Boise State, like they did in a BCS bowl last year, it doesn't answer any questions. They need to play teams from Automatic Qualifier Conferences so we can put all this hoopla behind us. 

I almost want TCU to play for the Title so that we can stop having this discussion. If they win, then awesome people will put more value on those teams. If they lose, people will stop talking about it as well. 

And yes, I have heard the argument the Boise State played Oklahoma in a BCS Bowl and they won. Hello, national media and people of Idaho!!! NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE PLAY FOR BOISE STATE ANYMORE!!! 


  1. Isn't it amazing that we're talking about my wonderful alma mater? If we make it to the national championship, then I'll send you a purple shirt and we'll go to the game! Rif Ram!!!

  2. I would where that purple shirt with Pride. Just for you!



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