November 17, 2010

Wedding Skin!

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St. Maartin June 2008
Today, skin!! I have crazy oily skin. I am 30 years old and still get pimples once a month! 
So while this post is basically a plea (I am still on the road and super busy) I want to know what your favorite skin regimens happen to be! 

At the moment I use Murad products but I am thinking I need something that really keeps my skin clear for GOOD!!!

Do tell!


  1. I've been to St. Maartins! Love it :) Did you go to Cheeseburgers in Paradise while you were there??! I dont have a skin regiment sorry :(

  2. Here is what I do. I have INCREDIBLY sensitive skin, and sometimes even the most expensive products make me break out. I currently am using The Oil Cleansing Method as my make up remover. (1 oz castor oil mixed with 2 oz Organic EVOO) You can google the oil cleanse method if you want. For my moisturizer, I use a Tea Tree and Vitamin E face lotion I got at Whole Foods. And I'll tell you, at 31, I now have clearer skin than I've had in years, and I swear its because of the oil cleansing. Good luck!

  3. i totally agree with erin. the oil is the oily skins best friend. i was way hesitant at first but I did this thing called the oil cleanse and it was AMAZING on my skin. I didnt do it everyday. I did it every other day. And now I use trader joe's lavender oil sea salt scrub on my face. Never been clearer. I had BAD acne in highschool and college. Now 22 and my face has never looked better. I blogged about it here:

    Don't freak out the first time you do it. I know putting oil on is like against EVERYTHING us oily skinners every believed in ;)

    Let me know how you like it.




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