November 15, 2010

Zumba Anyone?

Saturday I shot a commercial for a women's gym. 
It was a blast! (and exhausting!)
Group photo after 10 hours of cardio! I look smashing!

There were 25 girls in cast for the commercial and we were split into 2 groups so that we weren't over worked. BUT... there were only 4 blondes so we danced in most of the groups. My first thought was "Yippee more camera time!" My second thought, which came after turbo kick round 4, was "HELP!" 

We filmed on a green screen so that they could put whatever background they wished behind us.

I know that floor may look all fun because it is green but it was concrete. Yup. Jumping Jacks all day on the concrete. My calves are not very happy with me. I didn't really notice it while we were filming though so no worries. 

Other fun facts about this shoot. 
1-My make-up looked like a cracked out hooker. Sorry I have no pic!
2-I learned that I can turbo kick like a champ.
3- For the Zumba portion of the shoot, I was dressed in cargo pants, crop top and a do-rag. Complete with hoop earrings. Ghetto-fabulous! I was loving it!! Again, no pic... I was too busy.
4- The dressing rooms and such in this place were insane! My dressing room was meant to look like a medieval times kind of place. The dressing room across from mine was a tiki hut! The lunch room was a rain forest and there was a board room that looked like a castle. 
Apparently this sound stage was originally used to film adult type films. So... they needed some special scenery.  Ha!

All in all the day was a lot of fun. I got a nice paycheck (finally!) and I made some great new friends!

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  1. Awesome! You can do some turbo kick down at TFP when you're home. Speaking of which, when do you get here?



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