November 11, 2010

By popular request...

Seems that my readers would like to hear more about life in NYC, auditions and all that jazz.
So, we introduce The Subway Series! 
Ahh... my daily subway stop. 
I figure, I am full of stories that seem odd to all but those that inhabit the streets of Manhattan. 
Here goes with story number one!

The other day I had an audition down by Chelsea Market (Chelsea Market will deserve a post all its own) and because I had to walk all the way to 9th ave (too far) I saw several things that caught my eye. 

First we had this on the train.
See what amazed me by this particular saggy butt was the tight jeans. (& belt) I mean, they are fitted jeans. Perhaps he was taking a walk of shame and had to borrow the chicks pants? And look how tight his shirt is. Either you want to be a hipster or you want to be a gangster but I am pretty sure the 2 don't mix. 

Then I was walking back to the subway from my audition and noticed this.
Look very closely. Who decided to leave the car? When do you think it became someone's newspaper storage unit? And why, why of why, is there no parking ticket? I got a ticket when I rented a car for 2 freakin' hours in the city! How is it that the Upper East Side tickets every car on the road but somehow on 15th and 9th you can leave your car and use it as a trash can and it doesn't even get towed?!!  Seriously?!

Stayed tuned kids because I LOVE talking about NYC! 

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