November 7, 2010

Run, John, Run!

Today we went to the NYC Marathon! 

I do not like running, so as you can imagine I find this practice of running 26.2 miles ridiculous! And, until I moved to the East Side I never really paid attention to the marathon. (Really, I was in a bubble while living downtown!) I have noticed that marathon Sunday brings more people to my neighborhood but I was unaware this was such an event! 
TONS OF PEOPLE stand in the cold for a brief second to cheer on their friend! And some people just go and cheer for FUN! Uh?! 
I will say, it was fun and I am glad I went to see what it was all about.

Our friends from North Carolina came to run! Well, he did. She is 7 months pregnant! 
We were able to track his progress on our phones so we wouldn't miss him! How cool is that?!

There was a pretty large, and loud, group of us screaming him on as he passed!

We were so loud that they interviewed his wife! 
ABC 7 and Kimberly Williams!

There were all sorts of characters in the race but these guys were pretty neat! 
They were dribbling basketballs the entire way! Now that is athletic! 

It was a fun day! Now we are off to New Jersey to celebrate with the runners! 

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