November 4, 2010

Flash Mob Mayhem

So, yesterday I did a job I normally would not do and was in a Flash Mob. 
It was for the launch of Xbox Kinect and Dance Central. 

Let's start with all the reasons I never do jobs like this.
1- They hired about 350-400 dancers. (The news said 600 but that is not true, no way.) 
2-Learning choreography with that many people is like learning at dance convention all over again. 
3- When you hire that many "dancers" there are bound to be some people that make me crazy. Mostly because they are those types of people that have no sense of their own personal dance space vs. your personal dance space. 
4- It is not a great paycheck for the number of hours involved. 
5- Would anyone ever know I was out there dancing my butt off?

Now the reasons I did the job!
1- I need a paycheck! Small one or not!
2- My resume' will now say that I danced with Ne-Yo and Lady Sovereign. Who cares that 300 other people did as well. 
3- I had a great time and I wasn't waiting tables! 
4- I made some new friends!
5- My face was on the big screen in Times Square while I was dancing so that is always cool. :)

Below is a video I saw on YouTube this morning of the event. It doesn't have my small group dance on it but you get the idea of what went on! 

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