December 3, 2010

One More for the Road!

My obsession with the Oklahoma Sooners and College Football!

As many of you know we will be playing Nebraska on Saturday in the Big 8 Championship Game. Wait, did I say Big 8? I meant Big 12. The FINAL Big 12 Championship Game! 
Why? Because Nebraska got their panties in a wad when they realized they were no longer the bees knees and decided to part ways with us in the Big 12 and head on over to the Big 10. (the conference w/ 11 teams... soon to be 12 teams... oh the confusion!)

Anywho... I was very unhappy when I heard that NEB would be leaving us. Talk about a rivalry. The History between our two teams is filled with "magic".  So... I leave you with a little magic from 1986...

I chose this clip because I actually remember watching football in 1986! 
Enjoy "The Catch" 

Sooner Magic! Down 17-10 with a little over 2 minutes left, the Sooners led by Barry Switzer, Jamelle Holloway, Keith Jackson, Spencer Tillman & Brian Bosworth conjure up some ol' Sooner Magic to defeat Tom Osborne's Cornhuskers 20-17 in Lincoln. OU tight end Keith Jackson supplies the game's highlight: a one-handed sideline tight-rope catch to set up kicker Tim Lashar's game-winning field goal to send OU to the Orange Bowl.

BOOMER! And check back for tomorrow's clip... 

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