December 15, 2010

Wedding Workout!

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays!
Where I gush (and sometimes complain) about all things wedding related!

Today's topic... the Wedding Workout!

Now as many of you already know, I am a dancer and the thought of dieting for my wedding seemed silly.
It seems silly to me to diet for anything because I should be in shape already! It is my profession after all. 
BUT... my wedding is at the BEACH! The BEACH people! Three days of sitting by the pool with all my friends and family. And if you know my friends... they are HOT. They are not only HOT but they have had children and still have HOT bodies! Why did I pick such gorgeous friends? Ugh! 
I am thankful that my friends are hot because it keeps me on my toes. So, for my 30th Birthday present Stud Muffin got me a personal trainer! 
Now... I thought I was in shape. Boy Howdy! After my first training session I couldn't walk. After the second my abs hurt so bad I couldn't laugh, cry, or sit up! Then I started to get the hang of it and trainer Joe had to go and make it harder!! I seriously could not sit down on the toilet without pain. The thought of trying to get back up from the toilet without holding on the a handicap railing made me want to cry. Is this torture necessary? Really? I mean, maybe, I did book a Gym Commercial after this insanity began but GEEZ! 
I better look like a million dollars at that beach wedding because this is insane! I will say this, I have not altered my eating habits a bit (I have pretty healthy eating habits) and I have lost 4 pounds! If I can continue to have hot cocoa every night and lose weight... I am totally okay with this trainer torture!
The holidays will be the biggest test! Here's to Jumping Jacks!! 

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  1. OH Whit, you look amazing already and will on the beach too! I know what you meant though. I also know what you mean about that personal trainer. I've had those days too!!!



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