December 22, 2010

Holidays w/ New Family!

Where I gush about my wedding and all things relative. 
Today is a little less about wedding and a little more about life as a couple.
Christmas Eve 2009 in Oklahoma.
As a child, I had a very traditional holiday. Not even as a child, until about 3 years ago, my Christmas has been the same and I LOVE it! Every year we spend Christmas Eve in Ardmore with my Father's family, Christmas morning is just the Crites at home and then we drive to OKC for Christmas with the Mom's family. I don't have too many things in my life that are a constant so perhaps that is why I cherish my Christmas tradition so much. 

Now, we must learn to navigate through the holidays with more than one family. So far, it hasn't been too hard as we do not have children.  We spend the weekends leading up to Christmas celebrating with Stud Muffin's family in Upstate NY and then we spend Christmas week in Oklahoma. The only times things have really been different have been because I was somewhere performing over the holidays. 

So... what are your holiday traditions? Once you were married and sharing your time with others did things change? How about when you add children to the mix? 

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