December 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Todays edition of Wedding Wednesday is LATE! 
But better that than nothin at all!

Well a couple weeks ago I asked about Registry Madness. And boy did we have some fun. 
We ended up registering at about 4 places! However, the only place they will all be listed at once is on the wedding website. I loved all the comments I got about where, when and how to register. Very helpful. 

Since it was so helpful my next question is what does one do with all those gifts before you have a home together? While we didn't think anyone would be looking buying things for some time... my parents house is already full of Crate & Barrel boxes! Daddy O seems to be getting antsy about my taking up his space.  

Please feel free to call, email or comment with suggestions. I mean, my 450 sq. foot apartment... NOT an option! 

1 comment:

  1. Well tell your daddy to clean out a place in his new fancy garage because you'll just want to store them there until you can sort out everything. You may get duplicates, or end up getting something you thought you would like that you end up not liking so when youre back from your honeymoon is when keithy-baby will just have to wait to have his space back.

    I"ve already been trying to figure out what to get you!



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