October 20, 2010

Registry Madness

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays! 
My one day a week to gush (or complain) about all things wedding!

Today we tackle the registry process! 
I really thought this would be quite simple. Then I started to research it and was overwhelmed. I have heard two conflicting opinions on this from several different people. 
Opinion 1:
Only register at about two places. Keep it very simple and easy. One high end and one low end.
Opinion 2:
Register at several places with several different price ranges. 

Originally we thought we would be going with Opinion 1. There are two stores that we love and thought that it would be great. Unfortunately, the Crazy Lady brought to my attention that neither of those stores exist in Oklahoma. I tried explaining that they can go to Dallas or shop online but that didn't work. I also assured her that I was, of course, going to register at the one home town place that everyone uses. She still thought that we should add another option. Okay. No problem. We can do that. 

So now we are going to be Option 2 people.
Last night, Stud Muffin & I went to a Wedding Party at Crate & Barrel. It was fun! 
First they give you champagne! Love it! And the scanning gun! (Stud Muffin was in charge of that.) Then they give you a book of what they think you might need and set you off on your way. It was great. 
Because it was a store event the had demonstrators everywhere. As many of you know, I am just now learning to cook so having all the people around to demonstrate the kitchen stuff was fabulous! 
When we went to print out our sheet at the end of the day, I entered my name and learned that there is another Whitney Crites getting married in June! So weird. 
As we left, Crate & Barrel gave us a goody bag! Heart-shaped champagne flutes.  Fun! 
It was a good time and now I just need to see if they have posted it online yet for me to survey what Stud Muffin scanned with the gun! There is no telling! 

How did you do your registry? Were there things you wished you had put on your list that you didn't? Things you received that you never use? Do tell.


  1. (I love wedding wednesdays)

    The registry thing is SO dicey.

    We only registered at two places and I didn't register for very much. I sort of wish I had done it differently, but I can't put my finger on how that would be. A variety of price ranges is definitely key, and I wouldn't do tons of places because when it's listed on an invite or something, it looks...odd.

    "Whitney is registered here and here and here and here and here and here."

    you know?

  2. I registered for my china and stuff at the Brown Paper Bag...LOVE :) for other stuff it was Target and Wal-Mart, which Target is my other favorite. I think I remember my mom saying to just register for a lot of different price ranged stuff, so everyone can take part in it.

  3. Whit, I think we already talked about this but with registering at the local place, you'll cover those who probably won't "shop on the internet" or drive to dallas or OKC. Might I suggest Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma or even Bed Bath and Beyond though too? I know they have more options in OK for those stores. I agree with Laura though, whitney's registered....
    Price range is the key though. Register for gift cards and don't be afraid to take something back. I wish that I would've thought longer about what my "future" was going to look like and not kept as many crystal stemware and found some nice glass wine glasses, etc.

  4. Taylor (Chaffin) Rauschkolb10/20/10, 3:25 PM

    If you do register at alot of places, you don't need to list them all on every shower invite. For instance, only list Oklahoma spots for your hometown shower... and if you are having a shower with a group who you know can't afford the high-end stuff, don't list those registries. That's what I did, and it worked out pretty well since I had showers in multiple cities.
    Have fun! Happy scanning!! :)

  5. Thanks so much friends! Great advice!



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