October 22, 2010

Media Frenzy

Welcome to Football Fandom!
 My twice weekly rant about college footbal and most importantly... The Sooners!

I have already expressed my opinion on being ranked #1 in the BCS this week. So, we will move on from that. 

The media must really want to create some sort of mind game with the Sooners and the Tigers this week. Have you heard all the chatter? They are talking streaks and one is sure to end tomorrow in Columbus. 
The first may not be a streak yet but if the Sooners don't come out with a W on Saturday it will sure start to look like one. What is this you ask? The curse of #1 and Gameday! The last two #1 teams, Alabama & Ohio State, lost when College Gameday came to town. Both these games were away games for the team holding the top spot and the home team walked away with the win. Ahhhh..... the stress! 

Streak (or curse) two:  Missouri is 0-7 against Bob Stoops. I prefer for this to be the streak that continues. Only one Oklahoma coach has lost twice to Missouri and that is Barry Switzer who is 14-2 against the Tigers. Sooners should be the dominate team! However, we all know that the Sooners are like Jekyll and Hyde this season. No telling what they will look like on Saturday! 

I have a birthday request Sooners. Don't screw this up! Beat the freakin' Tigers on Saturday and allow me to have a stress free day. I like games like Iowa State last week. Let's do it again!

In other news:  
Did you see the Kings of Leon drummer last week on Game Day? Fabulous! Fabulous!

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