October 23, 2010

Boomer Birthdays!

I am turning 30 on Wednesday. 
I keep telling everyone that I am turning 29 again but I have decided to just embrace the new number. 

With that being said, I have been posting old embarrassing photos of myself all month. 
Because today is a big day for the Oklahoma Sooners, I thought I would relate the two!
Daddy & I tailgating in 2008.
Here is where the Sooners where on some of my big birthdays.

1980, the year I was born, the Sooners played Iowa State on October 25. Result W. 
Final record in 1980:  Finshed #3 with 2 Losses. 
(note:  they beat Missouri this year as well!)

1985, October 26 again W against Iowa State.
Finished #1 1985 with 1 Loss to Miami at home! Yikes!

1990, October 27, (my actual 10th birthday) 
We lost to Colorado in Boulder. :(
Now, remember this was 2 years after we lost Barry and had all sorts of issues! 
With that in mind:  We finished 1990 #17 in the AP Poll!! Nice! Only 3 Losses! That's better than last year!

1996, Not such a sweet 16 for a football fan! 
We only won 3 games all season. UGH! OUCH! PAIN!
But... we did beat Texas in OT! 
Thank you John Blake at least you beat Texas!

1999, October 27, my 19th birthday. 
First year of college, Bob Stoops first year at OU! 
We beat Oklahoma State on my BDAY! WOOO!!!
We went 8-5 that year. Which was a big step up from years past!

Game Day with the Kappas in 2000!
2000, October 28, my 20th birthday!
We beat Nebraska to take over the #1 spot!! 
Finished #1 in the BCS with a win over FSU at the Orange Bowl!
10 years ago!! Let's do it again Sooners!!

On my actual 21st birthday we lost our first game of 2001 to Nebraska. 
With my precious lil before a game! 
In 2005 we beat Nebraska the weekend of my birthday!! 
But we still had a rough season, opening with a loss to TCU at home. :(

So Sooners! I want to feel this again!! 
#1 in the BCS in January! 
After the 2000 National Title Game! BOOMER!
Anyone recognize the vest? Oh, yeah, I was wearing it a few weekends ago apple picking! Ha! 

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