October 4, 2010

A is for Apple!

Stud Muffin and I just couldn't justify spending tons of money to go to the OU vs. Texas game this weekend but that doesn't mean we sat around and did nothing! 

We went apple picking!

I had never been to an orchard before and it was amazing!
We went with Stud Muffin's Mother, Brother and family. It was a blast! His niece was super cute!

I had absolutely no idea there were so many different kinds of apples either! 
We picked, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Ida Red and my personal favorite Honeycrisp! Oh they are so good!! You can try them while walking around and boy did we!
I also learned that everyone seems to climb the trees while picking!

Fist Stud Muffin got in a tree.

Then his brother.


 And they finally talked me into climbing a tree. I had a message while up there!!

You weigh your apple bags as you leave and pay. They were 60 cents a pound. Not so bad!
Until you realize you have 66 pounds of apples!! (There were 3 households involved!)

And I will leave you with my favorite pic from the trip!
Stud Muffin's mother insisted he get in the tree with me. Then she got his niece to clap and request a kiss.
Such a great picture!!
Lots more fun was had but I will have to write about it later... I am pooped!!


  1. What fun!!! My absolute favorite are honeycrisp apples as well. Homeland and Walmart finally got some in last week and I'm sure the cashiers think I'm nuts when I load up on them. I swear I eat them every day, they are just so good and I miss them when they're not in season :(

  2. Somebody is gonna be baking a lot of Apple crisps, fritters, and pie! YUM! oooh and baked apples are yum with steak! The last picture is adorable :)



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