October 5, 2010

About time!

Welcome to Football Fandemonium! My twice a week rantings about all things college football! 
(Every Tuesday and Friday here at Dancing Through Life)

We did it!! We beat the Longhorns!
I know they stink this year, but you just never know when they will beat you. Good or bad! 
I would like to personally thank Texas for all the penalties you incurred that REALLY helped us out! As you Longhorns are well aware, those are normally OUr mistakes! 
We weren't in Dallas to watch this year but we still had fun!

OU wasn't playing the only big game this weekend either. 
#9 Stanford took on #4 Oregon and while it looked like Stanford was gonna pull off an upset at the beginning... Oregon prevailed. Boo!

#7 Florida played #1 Alabama. 
I really dislike Nick Saban but I don't really like Florida either... so, Alabama won. Boo.

I was really hoping that Tennessee was going to pull off an upset against LSU, it almost happened! But No. Boo. 

What does this mean for the rankings?!
The AP's Top Ten now looks like this:

1- Alabama
2- Ohio State
4- Boise State
5- TCU

Stay tuned for Friday's post. I will tell you exactly what I think about each team in the Top Ten!

And until then, Enjoy Stud Muffin teaching his niece how to make a Longhorns Down sign!

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