October 1, 2010

Bevo BBQ!!!

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So, I would be a horrible person if I went through this post talking about how badly I want to beat Texas and didn't mention the shooting. 
On Tuesday, a student at UT opened fire and then eventually killed himself in the schools library. Scary. Fortunately the kid had no real target, and while he did aim at people, he missed every single one. 
While I may hate Texas, I do not wish things like this to happen anywhere. Very happy everyone is okay.

Now... to football!
I want to see this again!!

Crazy Lady... this is football... no connection to what happened in Austin on Tuesday. So... you are required to cheer for the Sooners. K? Okay! 
We desperately need this win. Do I think we are going to win. Probably not. Now, before you go calling me negative, understand that I am a realist. The Sooners just haven't wanted it bad enough this year. (Or last year, or the one before that) The Longhorns, they have reasons to play hard. They lost last week and they are trying to pump up a school that just had a shooter in the library!!! The Sooners... not sure what their motivation is to win. They are not playing like a team that thinks the deserve the National Title. So... I think this is a toss up. But I will say... BOOMER!!! They better win despite my thought!

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