October 13, 2010

Save-The-Dates (part two)

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where I gush about every detail of planning my wedding! 

The Save-The-Date cards are out and I am SUPER happy about it!

I only got 3 of them returned to me, so that is good! 
I really liked the way they turned out and I think that Stud Muffin did a fantastic job on the design!

One side of the card was a map of the Florida Keys. My Daddy just loves maps so that was for him.
The other side was a three fold card. One part calendar, one part hotel information and one part "Save-The-Date". The calendar part of the card is perforated and can be ripped off to hang on your fridge. I prefer to look at the entire map though. 

For the Save-The-Dates we used clear labels to address them. Stud Muffin looked at me like I had 3 heads when I said we had to hire someone to address the real invites. What are your thoughts on calligraphy and invites? Old fashioned & waste of money? Or simply a must? 

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