October 19, 2010

On Top!

Welcome to Football Fandemonium! My twice a week rantings about all things college football! 

Last week I asked who would be #1 in the BCS poll and NEVER thought it would be

And in all honesty being number only does one thing for me at this point in the season...
makes me nervous!
The past 2 Saturdays the number 1 team has fallen. 
We play Missouri @ Missouri on Saturday. Not fun for my nervous system.
Sooners, you MUST win every game now. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. 
Oh the nerves!!

In other news, 
Boise State is ranked 3. 3!!! Over an SEC Team. I think it is BS. Really. Oregon better keep winning as well as Oklahoma because I will die if I have to watch Boise State play for the National Title. Have you seen their schedule?  They don't play anyone! Their big claims to fame this season Va Tech (who was ranked 10 at the time but is currently UN-ranked) and Oregon State (who have lost 3 games this season making them UN-ranked)! Yup, that's right. They haven't played ANYONE! 
I would love to see them finally get to the "big game" and choke! Because I just really do not believe that Oklahoma will be playing in that game either, I think that it would be awesome for an SEC team to KILL THEM!! 

That is my rant for the day!!

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree with you, I am sick of Boise State, they need to go away!!! Love your blog!



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